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Comfortable & Caring Tooth Extractions in Amarillo, TX

Our top priority is to preserve our patients’ natural teeth. However, when an extraction is necessary to maintain oral health, we provide comfortable, virtually painless treatment.

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Comfortable, Virtually Painless Tooth Extractions in Amarillo

Tooth extractions can seem like an intense experience, but in reality, it’s nothing to fear. In practice, we will recommend a tooth extraction in situations when too much damage has already been done to the tooth structure, removing it from any chance for effective repairs. 

Additionally, certain tooth afflictions such as severe decay, or fractured teeth, can also require a tooth extraction. There are four typical causes of tooth loss: Dental Caries, Periodontal Disease, Cancer, and Trauma. Dental Caries and Periodontal disease are the most common. 


Frequently Asked Questions About Tooth Extractions (FAQ)

What Are the Signs You Need A Tooth Extraction?: Understanding the Symptoms

If you think you might need a tooth extraction, you should go over the symptoms and identify if you are suffering from any of them. We have compiled a list of the most common symptoms often associated with a decayed tooth. Learning to acknowledge these symptoms, as well as quickly visiting a dentist to inquire about them, is the best preventative measure for any further damage to your teeth. If you visit the dentist within enough time, it may be possible to save the tooth. 

The following symptoms may indicate that you need a tooth extraction:

  • Pain (of the tooth and/or jaw)
  • Swelling in the area around the tooth
  • Extreme tooth sensitivity
  • Abscesses around the tooth
  • Crumbling tooth or teeth


Does A Tooth Extraction Hurt?

The tooth extraction procedure itself is relatively painless. The first step of the treatment is for the doctor to examine the area of concern. Dr. Damon or Dr. Whittington will also do a review of your medical history. This is so that they can be prepared for any unforeseen complications due to other medications or health conditions you might have or have had.

The doctors will then discuss the three options for the extraction with you: Awake under Local, Local with N2O, or IV Sedation. Our priority is for you to be comfortable before, during, and after the procedure. If Dr. Damon or Dr. Whittington will be removing third molars, then IV Sedation will be necessary. 

In most cases, we will then schedule you for the tooth extraction after your consultation. We perform IV Sedation most days, but these spots are usually booked in advance. 


What Are the Options For Replacing the Tooth?

Unless you don’t mind a gap or a missing tooth, Dr. Damon and Dr. Whittington will speak to you about tooth replacement with these three options: 

  • A removable partial, 
  • A fixed dental bridge, 
  • Or, a dental implant. 

We will discuss each of these recommendations, the treatment, etc., at your appointment. 


How Much Does a Tooth Extraction Cost?

To many, oral surgery can seem overwhelming, we understand. That is why we pride ourselves on our efficient, caring work and affordable prices. All patients are provided with several options as well as all pricing up front. Schedule your consultation today to discuss your treatment and payment options. 


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If you think you might need a tooth extraction, give us a call today to schedule your appointment. If the tooth does, in fact, need an extraction, we will walk you through the process and provide you with several affordable options for replacing the tooth. We look forward to going on your smile journey with you!

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Dr. Damon’s vast experience in specialized dentistry & his impressionable chairside manner has given him an excellent reputation, and he is trusted by many in the Amarillo area.

As a specialized implant center, our experts can help you achieve the smile of your dreams. However, we offer a wide variety of dental services to cater to you and your family’s every dental need. In addition, our unique approach to patient care has allowed us to form lasting relationships for years to come. Call us today to schedule.

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