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Protect Your Teeth With Fluoride Treatments in Amarillo, TX

Fluoride is an essential part of oral health. It prevents tooth decay by strengthening teeth’ enamel and inner dentin. It even does this in teeth not yet erupted from the gums. Professional fluoride treatments can be performed in our dental office in Amarillo to strengthen patients’ teeth and protect against cavities.

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Achieve Stronger Teeth Quickly & Effectively With Fluoride Treatments in Amarillo

Fluoride is among the most effective agents available in the assistance of tooth-decay prevention. Found naturally in differing quantities, it is a nutrient in virtually all water and food supplies. The benefits of fluoride have been recognized for more than half a century, and many professional health businesses promote fluoride. Dr. Clark Damon and Dr. Diana Mohr provide fluoride treatments for the Amarillo, TX community to protect and strengthen children’s smiles. 


Frequently Asked Questions About Fluoride Treatments (FAQ)

How Does Fluoride Work?

Fluoride strengthens erupted teeth by absorbing into the surface area of the tooth enamel, efficiently making the teeth more decay-resistant. We obtain fluoride by using fluoride-dense dental products such as gels, mouth rinses, and toothpaste. Small amounts of fluoride are also present in our water and food. Dental experts generally advise that children have a professional fluoride application twice annually.

Fluoride also fortifies unerupted teeth that are developing underneath the gum-line. In addition to systemic fluoride from many foods, neighborhood water supplies, and fluoride treatments, it is also obtainable as a health supplement in gel or drop form. Your dentist or physician can prescribe it. 


How Much Fluoride Should I Give My Child?

For infants, typically, drop-form fluoride is preferable, and pills are best suited to children up through the teenage years. It is important to observe the amounts of fluoride a child consumes; if too much fluoride is taken while teeth are still developing, a disorder called fluorosis (white spots on the teeth) can manifest.


Why Should I Consider Fluoride Treatment?

Although almost everyone gets small amounts of fluoride from water and food, it is not always enough to prevent tooth decay and cavities. Your dental team may advise the application of professional or at-home fluoride treatments if they observe the following factors:

  • Deep pockets and cracks on chewing areas of teeth
  • Exposed and hypersensitive root areas
  • Lack of proper dental health practices
  • High amounts of sugar and carb consumption
  • Insufficient exposure to fluorides
  • Inadequate saliva production due to medical conditions, treatments, or medicines
  • Recent tooth corrosion

It is important to note that fluoride by itself will not stop tooth corrosion! It is imperative to brush a minimum of two times daily, floss once daily, consume well-balanced meals, minimize high-sugar snack foods, and visit your dental professional regularly. 


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