IV Sedation Available upon Request for your dental procedure

iv sedation

Dr. Damon offers Amarillo area residents the comfort of IV Sedation with dental procedures. He is fully aware that going to the dentist can be anxiety-provoking, uncomfortable, and long…. so why not sleep through it? This is not halcyon or the “pill” or Oral Sedation, this is a more predictable level of care. 

Procedures available with IV Sedation

What is IV Sedation?

The goal is to separate perception from reality – using drugs to obtund the brain so that it does not realize that the body is having a tooth pulled or a dental implant. The medications that are given cause euphoria, amnesia, anti-anxiety, and relaxation.

It is as simple as starting a simple IV in your arm, giving Dr. Damon direct access to give you medications to allow you to “sleep” through your next dental appointment. IV sedation works from short to long procedures depending on what medication you are given. You can be sedated for a quick 15-minute procedure to a 2-hour procedure. 

IV Sedation in Dr. Damons’ opinion is safer than the “Oral” Sedation and is guaranteed to work. “I have daily consults where patients tell me their prior dentist sedated them with The Pill and it did not work.” Unfortunately, this happens a LOT! Oral Sedation by nature has a low level of predictability of success. 

Feel Safe resting in Dr. Damon’s experience with IV Sedation.

Experience comes with numbers and training. Dr. Damon has sedated well over 2,000 patients in his career. We average about 8-10 IV Sedations per week. Our patients are very well cared for while under, not only are they attached to monitors measuring vitals (blood pressure, pulse oximeter, and 5 lead ECG cable), you have a dental assistant, and a monitoring assistant, as well as Dr. Damon in the room at all times.IV Sedation medication

Residency Trained 

Dr. Damon’s IV training was while he was in a General Practice Residency at the Michael E DeBakey Veterans Affairs Hospital. This training included 6 months spent in the Oral Maxillofacial Service where patients were given IV Sedation while under the care of Dr. Damon, OMFS residents, and a board-certified Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon. This training was further supported by spending 6 weeks giving general anesthesia for patients in the operating room. Dr. Damon has run patients on ventilators and performed complex intubations Nasal and Oral. IV Sedation training was not just at a weekend course for Dr. Damon but was spent studying all aspects of Anesthesia from sedation to full general (tube down throat). 

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